Forced delays at a separation-wall crossing-point inside the seam zone: the case of RK המוקד להגנת הפרט
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Forced delays at a separation-wall crossing-point inside the seam zone: the case of RK
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RK lives in Barta'a ash Sharqiya, a village west of the separation wall inside a seam zone enclave. He owns a cell phone shop in the same village. Because he lives inside the seam zone, each day when RK leaves his village on the west side of the wall, going to conduct business affairs anywhere east of the wall, he has to pass through the Reihan Crossing.

In May 2010, the security guards on duty started to detain RK at the crossing, going both directions, for periods of 30 minutes up to three hours every day. In holding, RK was taken to a small room, ordered to strip off his cloths, and wait for security personnel in his underwear. Only after a manual body search, was he allowed to continue on his way. Whenever he asked why he was being detained, he was either told nothing or that such were the instructions of the Israel Security Agency (ISA).

In early 2010, RK was summoned to an ISA interrogation, during which, the interrogator offered to him to collaborate with the ISA, and supply information on illegal aliens in Barta'a ash Sharqiya, in return for whatever assistance he might need, such as to issue an entry permit to Israel. RK refused.

In July, HaMoked applied to the military legal adviser for the West Bank, seeking his intervention in the matter. As no reply came forth and given the daily burden on RK's freedom of movement and livelihood, induced by the degradations and delays in transit to limit the number of times he traveled away from his village – HaMoked had to petition the High Court of Justice.

In its response, the military insisted on its right to conduct security checks at the Reihan Crossing, given the lack of any physical barrier between the seam zone and Israel. The military further claimed "there is concern that the petitioner will use his transits through the barrier to transfer weapons". This concern was soon found to be without any merit. That same day, the State Attorney's Office motioned to cancel the hearing in the petition, and informed that the daily harassment of the petitioner would stop and no "exceptional search procedures would be carried out against him at the crossing".

To date, April 2011, RK encounters no problems at the Reihan Crossing.
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